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2014 02 24 - Rediscover the mice for personal computers!

The next era of PC mice is here! Pick up Gyration Air Mouse Go Plus or Elite from the table and start experiencing the advantages of the new technology in your palm. The gyroscope allows using the mice not only on a flat surface, but while holding them in air as well – mice perform brilliantly anywhere. The usage of a mouse is intuitive and very easy – no extra knowledge is needed.
Gyration Air Mouse Go Plus/Elite

After installing Gyration software, there are even more possibilities of PC control – 3 programmable buttons and hand gesture recognition with additional functions. This unique and universal controller can be used for attractive presentations, meetings, interactive and effective classes and lectures, PC games, movie watching.

You can watch the promotional Gyration Air Mouse videos here >>>

2013 03 05 - AMC DSP 88 digital signal processor

DSP 88 is 8 inputs and 8 outputs digital signal processor with MIC/LINE, balanced audio inputs and Phantom power. High performance 24 bit AD/DA converters and 95 kHz sampling rate, 40 bit floating point DSP engine. All inputs can be matrix mixed and routed to any or all outputs. Easy to use software for configuration and control DSP 88 by using Ethernet, USB or RS232 connections. Processors configuration can be accomplished in real time from the front panel or with a computer from any location, if Ethernet connection is used. 31 band, 1/3 octave graphic equalizer per input and 8 band parametric equalizer per input and output. Dual crossover filters with Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley & Butterworth slopes. 640ms delay per input and output. Input compressors and output limiters. 30 preset and phase correction. Phoenix input and output connectors.
More infro You can find here >>>

2010 10 12 - Martin Audio launches DD6

The Martin Audio DD6, a compact, multi-angled enclosure based on differential dispersion horn technology, is the first in a new line of products that will eventually replace the classic Wavefront range. The DD6 extends the company’s loudspeaker portfolio and targets the touring and theatre segments.
The DD6 enclosure is loaded with a 90°-120° (H) x 60° (V) rotatable HF horn and direct-radiating 6.5” bass/mid driver with neodymium magnet and high linearity mechanical and motor system. This has the effect of improving throw towards the further limits of the coverage pattern, whilst reducing the output closer to the loudspeaker.

2010 10 12 - NEC introduced a new cost effective 46-inch public display

NEC Display Solutions has introduced a new, cost effective MultiSync X461UNV 46-inch public display with an extremely narrow bezel for video wall installations.
The unit is a cost efficient solution for video walls in the retail trade, in the hotel and catering sector and in conference rooms where continuous display operation and high brightness is not required. The large option portfolio which includes built-in PCs, various mounting solutions, a colour calibration kit and other useful accessories make it a complete and easy to install video wall product. With networking features such as SNMP* support, an extra standard networking protocol, users benefit from efficient management and monitoring options via the network in addition to the free of charge NEC LAN control software. The built-in, temperature controlled fans which are inactive in standard environments can be controlled by the user and allow for easy heat management in more demanding installations without further external ventilation.

2009 09 21 - BIAMP RED-1 remote ethernet device

Introducing the Remote Ethernet Device (RED-1), a graphical remote control from Biamp Systems.
RED-1 will change the way you look at remote controls altogether.

Underneath the attractive exterior is pure power. Adjust or initiate up to 32 selectable system volumes and actions using an easy-to-read OLED screen.
Navigation is intuitive and can be tailored to meet the needs of each installation. And with control functions  that are pre-programmed into
the Audia® and Nexia® system software, it’s a natural fit for any Biamp installation.

2009 04 07 - Red Dot Design Award 2009

The prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2009 has been assigned to RCF ART 7 Series for its high quality design.

2009 02 22 - Clay Paky at the Destined Multimedia Show in Dubai

Over sixty Clay Paky spotlights were used at the DESTINED Multimedia Show in Dubai (UAE). Gulf Arena designed and
compiled the show hand in hand with Zayed University. Accreditation was celebrated in style, retracing the story of humanity
and the passing on of knowledge through a twenty-five-minute choreographed combination of video, light, sound, fireworks,
flames and "dancing waters", with the special appearance of Japanese drumming group Yamato.
Referring to the Alpha Beam 300s, the LD Pawel “Spider” Pajak (also GrandMA programmer and operator for the occasion)
said: “These lights clearly have a never-seen-before brightness for their power class. They have a compact body, are lightweight,
and consume only 300W! Theyalsohave a CMY wheel (a wheel that changes the colour very rapidly), very useful frost effects
and a set of gobos for changing the distinctive features of the beam.Alpha Beams are also very reliable: I have used them on
several occasions, both indoors and out, and they have never shown the slightest problem”.

Clay Paky lighting equipment:
18 x Alpha Spot HPE 1200s
19 x Alpha Wash 1200s
24 x Alpha Beam 300s

2009 01 13 - The new RCF 4PRO series models

RCF company introduced three new models from existing 4PRO range.
The 4PRO 3003-A and 4003-A 2-way, bass reflex, high output loudspeakers and the 4PRO 8003-A high power subwoofer.
The new 2-way speakers benefit from the integration of a 750 W digital amplifier offering 500 W to the low frequency and 250 W to the high frequency sections, advanced control electronics and premium neodymium transducer components.
More information about new 4PRO products you can find in our web site.

4PRO 3003-A
4PRO 4003-A
4PRO 8003-AS

2008 12 04 - Orion in LTV studio

Lithuanian television (LTV) is national television channel. It‘s target is to satisfy all society levels. LTV program is various. LTV broadcasts news, social, cultural, entertainment, religion programs and programs for national minority. LTV was established on 1957. On 1975 it started broadcast of color television. LTV is available about 18 hours per day in any Lithuanian area. It is 3rd television in Lithuania and has 13,2% audience.* Orion brand monitors are installed in main news studio. In this studio LTV makes broadcast of 2nd popular LTV program – Panorama. Panorama has 7,1% audience per day.*

This news studio was renovated on 2008 autumn. During renovation new lighting system, decoration and new ORION MIS-4230 plasma monitors were installed here. A main position behind a news announcer is occupied by fixed 4x2 format screen made from 8 pcs. ORION MIS-4230 monitors. This screen is integrated into background decoration system which consists of LED screens in the left and right sides and ORION screen in the middle. Orion screen is used to show reportage presentations, live interviews and other type of information. Panorama program team uses special software and they can change picture positions on this screen.

Source: TNS Gallup

2008 12 03 - New RCF NX series loudspeakers

The RCF NX Series is a new line of active loudspeakers specifically designed to be the everyday tool for rental companies and professional musicians. 
Is a practical solution for high intelligibility speech and audio applications, covering infill or delay, production studios, presentations and high power music sound reinforcement with or without subwoofers. A key requirement for everyday audio systems, delivering simple "plug and play" solutions, without compromising performance and portability.
It offers a wide range of practical mounting hardware, to cover all aspects of system integration, which assist in the overall simple and effortless system set-up, redefining the high performance portable PA.
More information about new RCF loudspeaker you can find by selecting Club loudspeakers group.

2008 09 11 - Optoma Introduces World’s First

Optoma Europe Ltd, 18th June 2008 - Freeing users from the constraints of tiny video screens,
Optoma introduces its Pico Projector and enables Home Cinema sized viewing from personal
media players, mobile phones, PDA’s, camera’s and gaming devices
Optoma, a global leader of award-winning digital projection and display devices, announces the
first palm-sized, self-contained, battery-operated, Pico projector based on the new DLP® Pico
Smaller and lighter than many smart phones the Optoma Pico projector enables users to share
images and video from their media devices and upsize to a maximum of 60” – that’s up to 100
times the size of the source device screen – incredible from a device small and light enough to
be comfortably carried in a pocket.

2008 06 30 - ChromaFlood200 TriColour

ChromaFlood200 TriColour
The new and ground breaking ChromaFlood200 TriColour is now shipping. ChromaFlood200 TC features 66 TriColour LEDs, with a maximum power consumption of 200 watts. These fixtures are set to become an important product for LED lighting in both architecture and entertainment as they produce mixed colour within the unit, eliminating multicoloured point sources and multicoloured shadows.
- The ChromaFlood200 is a high-power LED fixture housed in a compact IP65 flood enclosure.
- 66 LEDs, 22 x 1 Watt RED, 22 x 3 Watt Green and 22 x 3 Watt Blue (Total 154Watts)
- Powered directly from 100-240 Volts AC 200 Watts maximum
- Full remote DMX control of RGB levels to allow endless colour mixing.
- LCD menu system for quick fixture configuration
- Internal sequences provide for operation without a separate control system.
- This amazing fixture has to be seen and are sure to open up new possibilities for LED entertainment and architectural lighting!
- Available in 8, 25, 45 or 12x25 degree beam angles (optional interchangeable lenses available)
- Expected 25,000 hour life at full power (estimated 100,000 hours when dimmed or colour changing)
Pulsar's new leading edge super-high-power ChromaFlood200 is an amazing high power LED fixture that really has to be seen to be believed.
The ChromaFlood200 is IP65 rated and is therefore suitable for outdoor or indoor use. The fixture is powered directly from 100-240 Volts AC (200 Watts Max) and has full remote DMX control of RGB levels to allow remote control of its endless colour mixing possibilities, internal sequences provides operation of the fixture without the need for a separate control system.
This impressive fixture is ideal for the architectural and entertainment markets to give an unlimited colour palette that can enhance building facades, water features and focal displays in to providing stunning colour in shows, concerts and themed environments.